Degarelix Acetate

AIGP0014 Degarelix Acetate
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight: 1632.28
D-Phe-Leu-Lys(isopropyl)-Pro-D-Ala-NH2 acetate salt
Fields of Application:
Advanced hormone-dependent prostate carcinoma
Active Substance:
Degarelix Acetate is an LHRH (GnRH) receptorantagonist, indicated for patients with advanced prostate cancer. Degarelixreversibly and dose-dependently suppresses gonadotropin and sex steroid levelsby inhibiting the binding of endogenous LHRH to its receptors.
Degarelix showed to be at least as effective as leuprolide in sustaining levelsof testosterone that are equivalent to or lower than that seen with castration.
This product is offered and sold solely for usesreasonably related to the development and submission of information under aFederal law which regulates the manufacture, use or sale of drugs (the “BolarExemption”). Aierry cannot be made liable for any infringement of intellectualproperty rights. It is the sole and only responsibility of the purchaser oruser of this product to comply with the relevant national rules and regulations

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