Disposable, Biodegradable PLA Cup

Cup is one of the necessities in people's daily life. Nowadays, the PLA cup wins more attention and praise. As a professional biodegradable pla cups manufacturer, Soton offers the PLA coffee cups that can be customized from 2oz-32oz according to customers' requests. The product is made by Poly Lactic Acid, which is extracted from corn starch and can be 100% completely degraded and does no harm to the environment, which achieves come from nature and return to nature.

Specifications of PLA Cup
The size can be varied from 2OZ to 32OZ. The logo can be customized under request

Advantages of Soton Eco Friendly PLA Cup
The properties of pla cups compostable are very similar to traditional plastics cups, but their key benefit is that they can be 100% compostable in commercial composting facilities. More and more people like PLA cup because it is versatile, compostable, and most importantly, it is not derived from petroleum. Therefore, unlike most conventional hot cups, they are made entirely of renewable materials. As one of professional disposable paper cup suppliers, Soton provides compostable cutlery which is made of PLA. The raw material is Poly Lactic Acid, exact from the corn starch, which can be fully composted under industrial composting conditions without any pollution!

All sizes of the PLA disposable cups have a lid to pair with, customers can purchase Soton's PLA cup with lid set together from our company which will save your time. The transparent material properties of the PLA disposable cup can perfectly present the color of the liquid in the cup. Soton's PLA cup can be perfectly used for cold drinks and alcohol and is suitable for parties, picnics, weddings, and other activities.

Customized PLA Coated Disposable Cups From Soton
Soton, a reputable eco friendly plastic cups wholesale company specializing in PLA disposable cups, has established a modern integrating system for product R&D. Adhering to innovative and eco-friendly philosophy, Soton offers high-quality custom compostable cup service. Our energetic and experienced team is capable of designing PLA cups with strong individual style-romantic wedding cups, cute cartoon cups, classic antique cups, fragrant flower cups, etc. All Soton PLA cup products are under strict quality tests, and with advanced technology, Soton brings our customers a rather healthy and green lifestyle.

Why Soton use Polylactic Acid (PLA)?
The polylactic Acid cup has good biodegradability and causes no pollution to the environment, Compared with traditional PE-coated PLA cup products, PLA disposable cups can be recycled after use, greatly reducing the burden of the natural environment. PLA disposable cups are widely used for frozen foods to hold ice cream, jam, butter, etc. PLA cups coated with plastic are resistant to a temperature above 90℃, commonly used for hot drinks. The biodegradable PLA cups material by Soton is rather safe, healthy, light, and convenient.

Now the price of biodegradable products wholesale is affordable, if you have needs to buy any wholesale compostable products, please leave us a message.

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