LED Triple Butterfly Light

LED triple butterfly light1.Rated voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60Hz2.Light source: CREE LED 2x12W3.Rated power: 30W4.Color: R,Website:, color mixing5.Beam angle: 120°6.Channels: 1 / 4 7.Control: sound active, master/slave, 512 signal, auto mode8.Features: 4-color high power LED and a special designed mechanical device, make a large amount of high intensity, sharp and long distance beams, covering the entire space with surprising effects.  LED display with smart interface is easy for operation. With LED's  360°rotation and color transformation and full range dimming and variable frequency stobe effects, you can create different lighting scenarios. It is suitable for DISCO, night clubs, bars and high-end entertainment. 9.Dimensions: 96x271x200 mm10.N.W: 5.0Kg11.G.W: 5.5Kg

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