Poly Bubble Mailers

FENGQI China manufacturer supply top-quality poly bubble mailers with 25pcs/pack ;50pcs/pack, customized sizes and customized colors. For glue, we offer hot melt adhesive glue for your convenience. Our poly bubble mailers are made of 100% recyclable material and high-strength cushion. Please continue for more information.

Description of Poly Bubble Mailers

Proprietary Multi-layer film is puncture, tear and water resistant. FENGQI made poly mailer with bubble wrap has multiple sizes available like poly bubble mailers 8.5 x 12 and so on. Colors can also be customized like pink bubble envelopes. Please always feel free to contact us anytime!

Poly Bubble Mailers Features:

Durability - Multi-layer, co-extruded film provides optimum protect against moisture, puncture and tear, especially for heavier items.

Cushioning - The bubble materials maintains thickness for excellent product protection throughout the shipping cycle

Security - High-strength, hot-melt adhesive closure provides additional temperature resistance and assurance for mailing high value items

Protection - Fully laminated film air cellular materials construction increases overall cushioning and bursting strength

Made from 100% recycled content

Data Sheet of Poly Bubble Mailers

Zhanjiang Fengqi Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is aprofessional tamper evident tape suppliers. We provide Packing List Envelopes, Tamper Evident Bags, wholesale packaging envelopes, colored poly bubble mailers wholesale, colored poly mailers wholesale, wholesale pink bubble mailers, black bubble mailers wholesale, custom bubble mailer envelopesand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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