Underwear Box

Underwear refers to close-fitting clothing, including belly pocket, undershirt (long sleeve, short sleeve, vest), shorts, breast, bra, etc., usually direct contact with the skin, is one of the modern indispensable clothing.


Underwear has the function of absorbing sweat, straightening, flattering the body, keeping warm and free from the pollution from the body. It is sometimes regarded as a sexual characteristic.


There are thousands of underwear brands. Ordinary underwear brands usually use simple PVC packaging, while brand underwear usually uses a simple folding box or beautiful pit box packaging, with low cost. And high-grade underwear will require the use of high-end atmospheric hardcover box packaging, and the material to the shape is very exquisite. What's crazy is that some underwear brands require food-grade materials. I think the price of such underwear is unbeatable. Of course, such product packaging, the number is certainly relatively small, because exquisite, suitable consumer groups are not the same.


Underwear box and underwear receive a box is a different concept. Underwear is a necessity for every woman and it has great market weight. The underwear boxes made by our factory are paper products, while the underwear storage boxes are usually made of plastic.

For the ordinary underwear box, we recommend to use the folding method to make the box, which will reduce the cost, and it can be made into a thick box, which will not look rough. The material is simple, so we can start from the craft. The process can be bronzing, UV, inverse UV, or convex method, can also be used in combination so that even a simple box can look high-end atmosphere.


Foreign friends are very thoughtful and attach great importance to beauty. We often say that packaging is a product of the surface, the level of the surface determines the price level of product sales. So if you want your product to sell well, contact us. Our mission is to help customers, achieve personalized customization, but also to give customers the largest support to seize the largest market.


We are product packaging manufacturer,we provide underwear packaging boxes,underwear packaging box design,custom underwear wholesale and china paper box,please feel free to contact us.

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