Kwh Meter

Kwh Meter

DTSY-T01 is a single phase din-rail metertwo wire split type prepayment keypad meterapproved by STS. It can access to any STS standard system.Built-in 100A relay which can trip when over load or balance run out.TheDin Rail Meterconsist of Measurement and Control Unit (MCU) and Customer Interface Unit (CIU). MCU achieve data exchange with CIU through non polarity twisted pair cable and meanwhile supply power to CIU, CIU need not external power.Furthermore , customer can check the information in home and realize remote or SMS recharge.

  1. Technical Parameter of 1P Din Rail Meter



Impulse constant


LCD display


Operation temp.


Storage temp.


Relative humidity


Average relative humidity


Accuracy class

Starting current


Power consumption


Standard compliant


This single phase split prepayment meteris based on virtual medium. The data encryption process complies with international standard IEC62055 and certified by STS association.

IR communication interface in MCU can set and read local parameter.

MCU support IR and non polar twisted pair cable communication, IR complies to IEC62056-21(A) mode, protocol of non polar twisted pair cable is DLT645-2007.

IR :Baud rate:2400, 7 data bits,1 even,1 stop bit.

RS485 : Baud rate :9600,8 data bits,no even,1 stop bit.

After purchasing the credit, user will get a recharge token, enter 20 digits token through keypad, the token will scroll display from right to left. The interval typing time should within 20S. Type " clear button " to modify entering error. After confirmed, press “Enter”. If don’t type completely, the type operation is invalid.

Enter through two modes: Keypad or communication.If token is accepted, CIU will display success or error code.

Error code:

Err 11:Returned data from MCU is invalid

Err 29 : The command can’t clear cover open event. Err 31 : Keypad testing(unused)

Err 32 : Display tampering state.(unused) Err 33 : Display current power(unused) Err 34 : Display phase unbalance(unused) Err 35 : Reserved

Err 36 : Reserved Err 40 : Reserved Err 41: Alien data

Err 42 : Banned data.

Err 43 : Used data Err 44 : Expired data Err 45 : expired Key

Err 46 : Power set exceed range

Err 47 : The mode is not allowed to purchase credit Err 48 : Inconformity to key modify process

Err 49 : The data is not used by meter Err 50 : The data is before produce.

Err 51 : Numerical value error. Err 52 : Special use data

Err 53 : Key set over time.

Err 54 : Manufacturer No. error. Err 55 : Reserved 2

Err 56 : Reserved 3

Err 57 : Inconformity to key modify process,meter key type uninitialized. Err 58 : Inconformity to key modify process,meter key initialize set error.

Err 59 : Balance exceed allowed regrate energy,this recharge invalid. Success code:

Good 01 :Key modify Token 1 decoding success(enter Token 1 first)

Good 02 :Key modify Token2 decoding success(enter Token 2 first)

Good 28 :Clear cover open state success. Good 88 :Recharging success

Good 81 :Set power threshold success. Good 82 :Clear remain energy success. Good 83 :Clear event record success. Good 84 :Key modify success.

Good 85 :Key modify and clear TID success Good 70 :Alarm dwell time set success

Good 71 :Energy alarm threshold set success Good 73 :CIU backlight time set success Good 75 :CIU ID set success

Good 90 :Perform all testing Good 91 :Relay testing Good 92 :LCD testing

Good 93 :Display total energy Good 94 :Display Krn

Good 95 :Display Ti

Good 96 :Display power threshold Good 97 :Display software version

(1)General management TOKEN:

This function supplied by STS vending system which used to test meter performance and check parameter information. This management code without STS encryption. It can operate for every prepayment meter which complies with STS protocol. Main function includes relay testing, LCD testing, and display total energy, key version number, tariff type, power threshold, software version number.

(2)Special management TOKEN:

This key is encrypted by STS protocol, includes time and relevant manage information. It is only used for the meters that have the same key. Main functions: set maximum power, clear balance credit, modify key, clear events.

(3)Set power limit:

Enter token for setting power limit to meter, the meter will display the value if set successful. The unit of Token is W, display format is XX.XXX kW, the default value is 18.400 kW. The Maximum value is 65535W. LCD will show “Good 81” after set successfully.

(4)Clear the remain credit:

Enter token for clearing remain credit, then press enter button, LCD will show" Good 82 " .

(5)Modify the key:

Enter two TOKEN without sequential difference. After entering the first TOKEN, the second must be entered within 180s. LCD will show “Good 01” if the first TOKEN is successful, show "Good 84" if the second TOKEN is successful. If enter second TOKEN first, LCD will show "Good 02", then enter the first TOKEN, LCD will display "Good84". And if clear TID at the same time, LCD will show "Good85" after modify successfully.

(6)Clear event records:

Enter token for clear event to meter then clear all events records and signs. LCD display “Good83”

(7)Prevent credit hoard:

Meter has a preset hoard preventing value. The total energy in the meter cannot exceed this value, or the TOKEN cannot be recharged. This TOKEN can be used once the hoard condition is not satisfied. The default value is 999999.99kWh.

(8)Overload process

If the over load exceeds for more than 45s, the relay opens and the relay indicator on display lights. The relay closes again after 150s, and the indicator goes out.

If the above situation happens for more than 5 times in 30 minutes, the relay will close again after 45 minutes. If the times does not reach 5 (eg. 4 times) in 30 minutes, the recover time of the relay is still 150s, and this 4 times’ record will be cleared if this situation not happen in next 30 minutes. The over load value could be set through keypad or PC software.

(9)Balanced credit alarm

This Measuring Devices meter has the function of 1 degree credit balance alarm. The limit can be set through code or communication. The red LED flashes and the buzzer alarms if the credit balance is less than the limitation. Press any button can clear the alarm, but it will alarm again after a period of delay, this delay period can also be set through code or communication. After all the credit used up,the relay opens and LED goes out.

Overload trip, threshold power programmable.

Keypad on CIU can enter recharge token and check meter parameter.

Last 50 times recharge token code

Last 50 times recharge credit

Total recharge times

Over power trip times

Cover open times

Power failure times

Technical TOKEN used times

Power reverse times

Note:Above events total times not exceed 60000

MCU built-in 100A latching relay

Din Rail Meterkeeps last 50 recharge records and relevant token to inquire.

Prepaid function: recharge, management

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