Our main business scope is laboratory equipment and medical equipment. Mainly cover: Laboratory Equipment (instruments, glassware, and plastic consumables), Scientific instrument, Educational Apparatus, Medical Equipments, Hospital Equipments, etc. Here is some info about thisuv-vis spectrometer:

S23A is special for Environmental Protection Department and Education Department, Can use testing tubes or cuvette to make measure directly.

Features: * Using universal φ12+0.4*100 mm testing tubes or cuvette to make measure directly. * Whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings. * Pre-aligned halogen-tungsten lamp, offer ease of use and simple maintenance. * Built in SCM technology, auto 0%, auto 100%, error-free T/A transformation. * Transmittance test, absorbance test, concentration factor setting and concentration direct readout functions. * Analysis with data processing software.

How to select the test tube Generally the round test tube is not for optic purpose unless it is pre-checked strictly. 1. Check size. (The size should be φ12+0.4*100 mm) 2. Check the surface of tube. (It should be no bubbles, no scabs, no thread like things.) 3. Warming instrument and set the wavelength at 360 nm. 4. Pour some pure water into tube and insert it to the test tube well in sample apartment. Then put some mark on the tube opposite the white mark at the instrument. 5. Put the other test tube into instrument one by one and get the readout for everyone and put mark at everyone. We can divide them in many groups. In each group the differential of readout for every tub is less then ±0.02A. 6. We can use tubes in same group for blank, sample, and standard solution needn't check the tube every time.

Standard Configuration:

S23A uv spectrometer --1 Set 1 CM Glass Cuvette--1 Pairs Cuvette Rack--1 PC Power Cable--1 PC User Manual--1 PC Fuse (2A)--1 PC Packing List--1 PC

Optional Accessories Fuse (2A/3A) Pre-aligned halogen-tungsten lamp Glass Cuvette 1 cm Cuvette Rack Praseodyminum-Neodymium Optical Filter Mini Printer Printer Cable Spectrophotometer data processing software package Comunication Cabel

There are many otheruv visible spectroscopy, you can visit our official website if you are interested. Also you can contact us when you got any problem, the contact information can be found on our websites.

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