MG26-F2 Gloss meter

60 20 Degree Portable Digital Glossmeter Gloss Meter with granite plastic paints coating gloss Tester Vancometer Gauge MG26-F2

★All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.

★Decorative materials, such as marble, granite, polishing brick, ceramic tile and so on.

★The other kinds of materials and objects, such as plastic, woodenware, paper, etc.

★All kinds of metallic materials and their coatings.

★Interface: Serial RS 232

★Software: KSJ Data Operator included.

★Memory: 10000 measurements or 999 data groups

★Power Supply: A single battery only. AA size, Rechargeable or alkaline.

★Comes Complete With:

Main Device, Holder with Working Standard, Tracable Certificate, KSJ Data OperatorSoftware,

Cable for PC Serial port, USB Adapter (optional), Users Manual, Carrying Bag.

★Guaranteed for a year and repaired for ever.

★Anytime be checked free.

★Technical support on the gloss measurement.

★Customizing any glossmeter for a special application.

XZBELECare a professional gloss meter manufacturer, specialize in instrument, like spectrophotometer, colorimeter, Moisture meter, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Glossmeter, Transmission Meter ...

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