Expanded Corner Bead

Expanded corner beadconsists of wide flange of diamond mesh for perfect reinforcement and smooth round nose bead for straight angle. It is available in multiple lengths to help minimize splicing between the wings and the wall, and the intricate pattern of holes allows mud to penetrate the bead to the drywall. It is easy to install and popularly used. According to the different profiles, expanded corner bead, double-x corner bead, and casing bead are popularly used.

This expanded corner bead consists of wide diamond mesh wings and round nose bead, it is easy to install.
ECB-01:Expanded corner bead with two flanges for mud reinforce, and the smooth round nose for clean and strong corner.
One angle corner bead has two flanges with extra reinforcing strip for strengthening and round nose for corner shape.
ECB-02:Double-X corner bead has reinforced steel strip which runs the whole length of the wing to give more rigidity while tacking on the corner.
An expanded stop bead features a single wide flange and a short return, also it provides effective reinforcement when used.
ECB-03:The flange of expanded casing bead is easily coated with the mud for flat surface and the short return ensures great finish.
This is a piece of raised expanded metal with the diamond shape in the manufacturing process of shear and stretch.
ECB-04:Raised expanded metal is made of carbon steel that is rigidity and strength, it is widely used in architectural.


  • Suit for both exterior and interior wall corners.
  • Great corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and impact resistance.
  • Durable enough to protect the corner.
  • Diverse types for different corners.
  • Easy to install when needed.


  • Material:galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheet, zinc alloy.
  • Thickness:0.35 mm - 0.50 mm.
  • Other sizes can be made as your requirement.
One expanded corner bead specification introduction appeared.
ECB-05:Expanded corner bead diagram.

Expanded corner bead

General-purpose corner bead that is economical and most generally used. Wide expanded flanges are easily flexed. Preferred for irregular corners. Provides better reinforcement especially near the nose where strength is needed most.


  • Stiffener ridge width (A):0.125", 0.175".
  • Wing size:2-5/8", 2-7/8", 3".
  • Length:8', 10'.
Here is a double-X corner bead diagram shown to us.
ECB-06:Double-X corner bead diagram.

Double-X corner bead

Double-X corner bead offers perforated stiffening rids along the expanded flanges for better reinforcement, it is galvanized for rust proof and can be easily adjusted for plaster depth, also easily installed with nails, screws or other fasteners.


  • Stiffener ridge width (A):0.125", 0.175".
  • Wing size:3-1/8", 3-1/4".
  • Length:8', 9', 10', 12'.
One picture of casing bead diagram displayed here.
ECB-07:Expanded casing bead diagram.

Casing bead

Casing bead is effectively used at junction or intersection of door, window or other area finishes. The diamond holes of the flange for holding the drywall mud tightly, and the short return provides strong protection for the corner edge.


  • A: 1/4".
  • B: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-1/2".
  • C: 1-1/4".
  • D: 3", 3-1/8".
  • Length: 10'.

Expanded corer bead is greatly used for corner protection, which can guarantee an effective reinforcement for corner and provide accurate lines, also it ensures a neat finish for beautiful appearance.

This is a picture of expanded corner bead application, one side of the bead is flatten painted with the bead.
ECB-08:The expanded corner bead is widely used to provide the better reinforcement to the drywall and the corner.
Angle corner bead is used at the stairs to protect the corner from impact and sharp the corner with the straight lines.
ECB-09:The angle corner bead is commonly used to strengthen the corner and provide the straight line for beautiful looking.

Water proof carton packing and wooden box packing, or as client request to packing.

There are so many water proof cartons orderly piled up, inside them are the expanded corner beads.
ECB-10:The water proof carton is lightweight for easy movement, also it is an environmental choice for your need.
It is the real picture of the expanded corner bead packed with the wooden boxes.
ECB-11:The wooden box provides the solid protection of the expanded corner bead, it is popularly used by the clients.

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