Rare Earth SmCo Magnets

Rare earth samarium-cobalt magnet(shorted as SmCo magnet)is a kind of rare earth magnet for high temperature resistance. It is a kind of functional magnetic material made of samarium, cobalt and other metal rare earth materials by mixing, melting, grinding, pressing and sintering. smco rectangular magnetare classified as Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17 according the composition ratios of samarium and cobalt.

Application of rare earth samarium-cobalt(SmCo )magnets

Due to strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, samarium-cobalt magnet(SmCo magnets) are widely used in aerospace, national defense and military industry, microwave devices, communication, medical equipment, instruments, meters, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, motors, magnetic cranes, etc.

Advantages of samarium-cobalt(SmCo)rare earth magnets

SmCo bar magnetshave high magnetic energy product,the maximum magnetic energy product of samarium-cobalt(SmCo) magnets ranges from 16MGOe to 32MGOe, and its theoretical limit is 34MGOe. SmCo magnets also known as strong rare earth magnets.

Large smco block magnetshave extremely low temperature coefficient. The maximum working temperature can reach 350 ℃ and the negative temperature is unlimited. When the working temperature is above 180 ℃, all of the maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), coercivity, temperature stability and chemical stability are better than those of neodymium-iron-boron.

SmCo rod magnetshave strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,surface treatment not needed for SmCo.

Disadvantages of rare earth samarium cobalt(SmCo) magnets

Samarium-cobalt magnets are easy to peel. Goggles must be worn when handling them.

SmCo magnets are made by a process called sintering, and sintering of all materials. cracks are very likely to occur inside

The machining performance of smco magnets for saleis poor,small corners are easy to be produced because of slight collision during the process of production,packing, and transportation.

Friendly reminding for ordering rare earth china smco rectangular magnet:

SmCo(1:5) magnets have better mechanical and physical properties than SmCo(2:17) magnets, which is slightly easier to process

If samarium cobalt arc magnetare used in acid-base environment and another bad environment, electroplating treatment can be adopted on the them, Nickel-coated SmCo magnets, Zinc-coated SmCo magnets, Epoxy-coated SmCo magnets etc can be supplied

If you need un-magnetized SmCo magnets,you should be familiar with the magnetizing energy of your magnetizing equipment, so as to choose the correct grades of SmCo magnets which can be completely full magnetized.

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