Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

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Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Production Process

The production procedure of HRS is generally as follows: Iron making → steel making → continuous casting (or die casting) → hot rolling process

Hot Rolled Steel Sheetproduction is a rolling procedure that relates rolling steel at a high temperature (usually above 1700°F) and over the recrystallization temperature of hot rolled sheet. When the steel heating temperature is higher than the recrystallization temperature, it can be formed and shaped easily, and the steel can be made to larger sizes. Hot Rolled Steel Sheet is usually cheaper than cold rolled steel because of the fact that it is usually manufactured without any delays and then does not require reheating of the steel (as with cold rolling). As steel cools, Hot Rolled Steel Sheet contracts slightly compared to cold rolling, so there is less control over the size and shape of the finished product.

Description of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Because of its much simpler processing method, hot rolled steel can be easily shaped and formed in any desired form. Hot rolled sheet is one of the most variety of steel in the industry. Because of its ductility, this hot rolled sheet is very advantageous in the production of structural or sectional modules. The main characteristics of hot rolled steel sheets are similar to those of hot rolled steel coils, very similar production procedures and thickness, width, and length define similar physical characteristics, but the post-processing methods are different. In addition, determine the final application and corresponding processing equipment.

Application of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Used in welding and boiler making, hot rolled steel is ideal for construction materials such as railroad tracks and l-beams. Another advantage of hot rolled steel is that the surface finish of hot rolled sheet is not an issue.

Typical uses consist of:

lStructural sections

lWhether resistant structures

lPressure vessels

lStructural parts, vehicle chassis wheel rings

lShipbuilding, marine application

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