100G QSFP28

100GQSFP28(Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28) is the smallest form of 100G optical transceivers, which is the main form factor of 100G that's widely used by the market.

GrenTechprovides a complete set of solutions for 100GQSFP28, including 100G SR4, LR4 fiber, 100G CWDM4, ER4 lite and 100G QSFP28 PSM4. It complies with QSFP28 MSA and IEEE 802.3BM standards. The optoelectronic design adopts MACOM, II-VI and other mainstream chip solutions. It is mainly applied to the internal interconnection of 100G data centers, the connection between data centers and the metro network. Contact GrenTech for more 100g cableinfo!

Features & Benefits of 100G Optical Transceivers

The structure design has been subjected to strict thermal simulation and testing to ensure the best heat dissipation effect.

The high-speed circuit design has been verified by signal integrity simulation to ensure the best circuit performance

Ageing, testing and COB equipment are all from Keysight, Newport, FT, MRSI and other industry-leading equipment brands.

All 100g optical modules have passed FCC, FDA, RoHS, CE and other product certifications.

Power dissipation < 2W, < 3.5W, < 4W, < 5W

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