The standard 1 din tachograph device not only records driving speed and distance but also can collect vehicle status and failure information through CAN Bus and RS232 ports. Designed and developed by Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology, the tachograph devices are combined with GPS, BDS, GPRS, CAN bus, RS232 and gyroscope. The device is specially designed for a long-distance coach, tourism coach, trucks transporting chemical and hazardous goods in order to meet the requirement of Chinese Ministry of Transport on monitoring these kinds of commercial vehicles. By utilizing the telematics technology, Hopechart creatively integrates the tachograph with our 2 DIN Android smart screen. As for this 2-in-1 telematics system, it has satisfied the related regulation requirement, and also offer more useful functions and entertainment for the transport companies and drivers.  Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology is specialized in telematics system for commercial vehicles. Our mission is to reduce transportation costs, including increasing transport efficiency and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. This tachograph of Chinese edition has much more features than the digital tachograph required by the EU. As a leader of the telematics system for commercial vehicles, we have in-depth cooperation with many famous vehicle makers, as well aftermarket clients. We welcome OEM and ODM projects from global customers.
: +86-571-88963823
fax: +86-571-89775594
: info@hopechart.com
address: No. 3, Xiyuan 6th Rd, West Lake Hi-Tech Park, Hangzhou, China


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