Vehicle T-box HQC111

Vehicle T-box HQC111
Tbox, also known as vehicle telematics box, black box or smart box, can be widely applied to many occasions such as UBI insurance, periodic tenancy, fleet management, driver behavior analysis and management, vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery. The tbox is the most vital hardware device in telematics system. With rich experience in commercial vehicle telematics, Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co has developed several kinds of tbox products, including GSM tbox, 3G tbox and 4G LTE tbox.At present the tbox is mostly used in usage based insurance, as the technology allows insurance companies to collects accurate driving information of individual vehicle and calculate the premiums based on that results. Consequently, the tbox helps the driver improve his or her driving behavior, and more importantly it can decrease the traffic accidents.Above it is just a common application of vehicle tbox in modern society. Hopechart tbox HQC111, is a covert, simple to install and use onboard terminal for vehicle positioning, vehicle tracking, and status monitoring. With CANBus and RS232 interfaces, the tbox can collect the vehicle AD information, fault information, fuel consumption data, driving information and driver behavior. The telematics black box can be also integrated with external sensors like ADAS, fuel sensor, tire pressure sensor and temperature sensor. The amazing thing is that the Hopechart tbox HQC111 can be integrated with our 2 Din Android telematics screen to offer entertainment functions. 

Main Features of Vehicle Tbox HQC111

  • Positioning(GPS)
  • GSM wireless connection
  • Six custom switch states, high voltage effective
  • RS232: 1 route, for configuration and data acquisition extension
  • CAN: 1 route standard (can be customized to two routes)
  • AD: 1 route standard for high accuracy fuel sensor (can be tailored to connect with other analog sensors)
  • Hijack alarm: 1 route standard for hijack signal detection (can be customized for other functions)
  • Internal battery
  • Two status indicators and one buzzer, for self-checking purpose
  • USB port (non-open)
  • Low power consumption, power-saving mode<20mA, built-in backup battery
  • Wide input voltage: 10.8V~32V
  • Case aluminum housing
  • Dimension: 103mm×82mm×32mm

Specifications of Vehicle Tbox HQC111







2 LED indicators (GSM &GPS status)


Built-in buzzer


GPS positioning

After-event location report


Triggered report type

Location report while turning

Receive request for positioning from monitoring centre and then report location information





Multi-centre connection

Automatic data saving when power cut-off (ACC)


Switch state acquisition

6 routes

Braking, left turn light, right turn light, light beam, high beam, reserved


Alarm switch

1 route

Hijack alarm


CAN data collection

2 routes (1 for reservation)



Local configuration

Vehicle information can be configured



High accuracy fuel consumption management

Error 1%

High accuracy fuel sensor required


Driving recording

GPS speed recording



Local storage

Can be saved for 10 years min.

Storage capacity is32MB


Bad driver behavior

Speed, harsh braking, over-revving, neutral taxiing, excessive idling

Analysis based on the collected data (customizable)



DM failure diagnostics, abnormal vehicle, abnormal battery



Power source compliance

Compliant with12V &24V vehicles



Low battery voltage monitoring

Low voltage alarm



Terminal management

Local software update (RS232)


OTA software upgrade (Remote parameters configuration, SMS setting, remote updates)

Factory reset (Through RS232 or remote setting)

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address: No. 3, Xiyuan 6th Rd, West Lake Hi-Tech Park, Hangzhou, China


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