Samsung Wireless Charger


Wireless charging technology develops at an increasing speed. Wireless charging is an irreversible trend. Smart companies like Samsung have invested a lot in wireless charging research and development. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 (Plus) are equipped with 15W charging technology, which ensures real fast charging. The new wireless charging technology extremely improves charging efficiency. Wireless charger manufacturer Meree produces high-quality wireless chargers. Our custom wireless chargers are compatible with Samsung's 15W charging technology. With the wireless charging pad, you can enjoy the fastest charging speed.


With a samsung tray dual wireless charging pad, it's no need to plug in when it's time to power up. No more hassling with charging cables. You just have to lay your or other Qi-enabled devices onto the charging pad. With the samsung wireless charger leather, you can charge your device when you are at home, work or some other places.


Simply set your with the Qi wireless standard on the wireless charger and it will begin charging automatically. If your protective case is made of a non-metallic material and its thickness is not over 6mm, the wireless charger can also charge the smart without pulling off the case.


The wireless signal from the charging pad does no harm to human bodies;

If the wireless charger detects overheating, it will control the temperature to protect you and your device;

Our wireless chargers use the turbulence mode to safely charge the so as to ensure that the battery is always full of power;

If a foreign object is placed on the wireless charging pad, it will stop providing power to the until the object is removed.

BNESThas wireless cell chargerwholesale. If you are looking for a professional wireless charger supplier, please contact our professional team. We will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge. Custom wireless charger design is also available.

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