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Conventional press brake productsalso are non-numerical control press brake, usually, we call it conventional machine.

Difference between Conventional Press Brake Products and Other Press Brake:

Generally speaking, the press brake is divided into conventional hydraulic plate press brake, simple CNC hydraulic plate press brake, electro-hydraulic servo synchronous full numerical control press brake.

Among them, the normal hydraulic press brake is high strength and rigid; Hydraulic dual oil cylinder drive, mechanical block, twisting shaft synchronization, running smooth and reliable, high precision; The distance and sliding block of the rear block are made of electric adjustment and manual fine tuning, and equipped with digital display device, which is convenient and quick to use.

The machine is equipped with a CNC system for universal press brake. With multi-step programming function, it can realize multi-step program automatic operation, continuous positioning, the realization of the backstop material and the automatic accurate adjustment of sliding block position; Bending count, display the number of processing in real time, the position, procedure and parameters of the block after power failure can be remembered. The rear retaining material adopts imported ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rear retaining material, and the machining precision is higher.

The integral welding of the whole CNC universal press brake is adopted, and the whole machining method is adopted after the aging treatment, ensuring the overall precision and reliability of the machine tool. The hydraulic system adopts the German vertical closed-loop control, controlled by the Italian ESA numerical control system. The upper chamber of the oil cylinder is equipped with a rex synchronous valve block, and the equilibrium degree of the sliding block and the uniformity of pressure are detected by the German grating ruler, which guarantees the synchronization and bending precision of the slider. It only needs to input the thickness, width, tensile strength and bending Angle of the plate, and the system will automatically control the pressure and the bottom of the slider without manual adjustment. Mechanical deflection compensation system is adopted in the worktable. Since the mechanical compensation point is several times more than the hydraulic compensation point, the mechanical compensation effect is far greater than the hydraulic compensation. This realizes the effective compensation of the blind zone, improves the bending precision and ensures long-term stability. The rear block is driven by digital ac servo motor, full import precision ball screw drive, linear guide rail. This ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the backstop material and can be used to provide a complete backstop mechanism for the number of backstop shafts.

How to Choose Good ConventionalPress Brake Products:

General machine tool manufacturers can produce all kinds of numerical control bending machines, and the good and bad of the common machine can best represent a company's ingenuity.

1 market share of equipment. In the Internet age, when you need a product, there will be many manufacturers to sell your products, constantly boasting about themselves and demeaning others. But are they persuasive? Now the most compelling thing to do is market share. In your industry, you can know easily about which machines you use more, which machine is more convenient to use, which machine is basically bad, the user's reputation is very important, because they are the front-line crowd, the most direct contact with the product, you can't ignore their opinions.

2. The scale of the enterprise, this direct impact after-sales, you can't expect a small business with only a dozen employees to bring you immediate after-sales, a regular business, a healthy enterprise is a clear division of labor, you can only trust in such an enterprise to give you a trustworthy product. How should the scale of the enterprise be measured? I generally advise clients to visit the factory directly, whether the enterprise is formal, whether the production is busy at a glance.

3. The two points mentioned above are both generalities, and there is no direct contact with the machine. The next thing we want to say is the quality of the machine. When you don't know much about a bending machine, how do we compare?

First of all, the volume and weight of the machine, the main consumable material used by a machine is the steel, and the machine which has the advantage of volume and weight is generally better than light and strong, and the quality is better.

The second is precision, and to understand the accuracy of a machine you have to take your own workpiece to the factory machine, but generally, you don't have this condition, the factors that affect the accuracy of the machine are the rear block, the strength of the plate, the mold. The block is still used in the chain, there is no precision, the beams which are made of aluminum looks good, the plates are knocked down and distorted. There are also silk rods, guide rails, now capable enterprises are equipped with ball screw and linear guide. The strength of the vertical plate is directly related to the thickness of the vertical plate.

4. Now let's talk about molds. If you compare the machine to a soldier, the mold is the weapon of the soldier, if the weapon is not good, so the fight cannot beat others. And how to distinguish the quality of the mold? First of all, materials, 42CrMo is a very good material for bending machine tool. Cr6W2Si and other materials are also good. In the case of materials, ordinary users can not be identified for a period of time. And the general mold is the high-frequency quenching, which is the heat treatment of the blade, and the good factory carry on the whole body heat treatment to the mould, such a mould has a feature with a hole in the mould, this is the obvious characteristic that carries on the whole body heat treatment. The production cost of whole body heat treatment is much higher than that of the blade.



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