Rubber Hose

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Cheap rubber tubing

Tube:black, smooth, synthetic rubberReinforcement:high tensile synthetic yarn braided or spiraledCover:black or red, smooth synthetic rubber, abrasion, weather and abrasion resistantApplication:for a variety of general purposes in industries, construction sites and mines.Temp Range:-35℃ to 80℃

Rubber Air Hose

Construction:Tube:NR & SBR synthetic rubber, black color.Reinforcement:1ply or 2ply high tensile polyester thread braidingCover:NR & SBR synthetic rubber, smooth or wrapped surface, black, yellow, red available

Application:Mainly used for conveying of air, inert gas and water in mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, steel production etc.Temperature:-40℃(-104℉)to 70℃(+158℉)

Rubber Water Hose

Inner Tube:SBR blended,black and smoothReinforcement:Textile braided high tensile synthetic yarnCover:EPDM/SBR blended,black,yellow or red, smooth weather and ozone,abrasion resistant

Application:Abrasion resistant, weather resistant and zone resistant. Its of pressure bearable, flexible, light in weight, anti-bending, less distortion and nice smooth surface.Used in the air tools, air compressors and air guns.Used for irrigation,convey the water at normal temperature and the general neutral liquid in mining , factory , agriculture and civil engineering construction.Temperature Range:-30°C To +80°C (-22°F To +176°F)

Rubber oil Hose

Application:Flexible delivery hose suitable for unleaded fuels(EN228:2008),diesel (EN 590:2010) and heating oils(DN 51 603 parts 1/5).Applications in industry,garages,filling stations and vehicle repair shops.

Temperature range:-40°C/+80°CSafety factor:4:1Tube:NBR,black,smooth,electrically conductive.Reinforcement:Textile spiral construction.Cover:NBR/SBR,black,smooth,abrasion resistant,oil and weather resistant.

Our company is one of the most professional industrial hose manufacturersin China. And we are devoted to produce high quality hose and fittings.

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