The ceramic balls produced by our company are mainly divided into the following categories:

Inert alumina balls

Activated alumina ceramic balls

Grinding balls

Regenerative balls

Water treatment filter ceramic balls

Types of Ceramic Balls for Sale

Ceramic Grinding Ball

One kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, porcelain clay and high-grade clay by nanometer comminution technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques.

High Alumina Ball

Activated Alumina has the advantages of large surface area, many mciro-pores, well disperser, so it has a high affinity for water/impurity and activated catalyst.

Porous Ceramic Ball

Porous ceramic filtering media is made of tiny particles through the very complicated technological process in which this kind of particle can be put in shape according to a specific size and proportion.

Application of Ceramic Packing Material

  1. catalyst bed support ballsin petrochemical plants, chemical fiber plants, alkyl benzene plants, aromatics plants, ethylene plants, natural gas and other plants in hydrocracking units, refining units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization units, demethylation, and other bottom filling materials. And it is also taken as the supporting and covering material and tower packing for catalyst, molecular sieve, desiccant, etc. in the reactor. Its main function is to increase the gas or liquid distribution points, support and protect the active catalyst with low strength.

Naike Chemical is a professional carbon molecular sieve manufacturer,we provide ball ceramic, inert ceramic balls, inert ceramic ballsand etc. Want to know ceramic balls price? Please contact us.

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