Phenethyl cinnamate


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Chinese name: Rou Gui Suan Ben Yi Zhi

CAS No. : 103-53-7

Linear formula : C6H5CH=CHCO2CH2CH2C6H5


Molecular weight: 252.32

Purity: ≥99.9%

MDL number: MFCD00022050

EC number: 203-120-3

Traits: white crystal, with aroma similar to rose cream

Melting point: 54-58°C

Flash point: 113°C

Refractive index (ND20): 1.559~1.561

Relative density: 1.045~1.048

Acidity: ≤1mgKOH/g

Packing specification: 25 kg / packaging

Chemical properties: white crystal or amorphous powder. Rose-like sweet aroma, diluted like Plum aroma. Soluble in hot ethanol and oil, soluble in ethanol but slightly turbid, insoluble in water

Storage: Pay attention to the source of fire, especially to avoid sunlight, and store in a cool place.

Keywords: Phenethyl cinnamate, flavors, spices, synthetic flavors, food synthetic flavors.


Usage: The natural ethyl cinnamate has a fruity aroma in the sand date flower and natural Su Hexiang. The breath is clear and sweet, and distributes oriental fragrance. Natural cinnamate ethyl ester has good effect in combination with fragrant purple fungus and natural fruit essential oil, and is better used in fragrant powder, perfume and essence. It can also be used in edible bayberry flavor, with a clear, sweet and oriental fragrance. Natural cinnamate ethyl ester in synthetic cinnamate is mainly used as a spice for food and cosmetics. And it can be used as a flavoring agent and thickener for flavors. Meanwhile GB 2760 1996 provides for the use of edible spices, which mainly is used to formulate flavors such as peaches, apricots, cherries and strawberries.



Phenyl cinnamate (C6H5CH=CHCO2CH2CH2C6H5) is a white crystal with a melting point of 215°C. Soluble in hot ethanol and oil, soluble in ethanol but slightly turbid, insoluble in water. Due to the sweet aroma of rose and the aroma of plum after dilution, it is often used in the perfume industry to formulate powders, perfumes and fragrances. Natural ethyl cinnamate can also be used in the consumption of bayberry flavor, with a clear, sweet and oriental fragrance. Moreover, natural cinnamate is mainly used as a fragrance for foods and cosmetics, such as high-grade flavors, and has a wide range of uses in foods and daily cosmetics. Phenyl cinnamate can be used as a deodorant in hyacinth, carnation, daffodil, tuberose, lilac, rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, and medlar. The natural ethyl cinnamate is present in the sassafras flower and the natural sage, and most of it is extracted from these two plants. It is an important raw material for flavors and cosmetics. Phenyl cinnamate, which has very good natural purity, is very popular in the chemical industry. At the same time, due to the nature and purity of Phenethyl cinnamate, many foreign chemical manufacturing industries are actively purchasing large quantities of raw materials.Many chemical manufacturing industries in China are also actively responding to market demand and are doing a lot of production and improvement. Due to the slow extraction rate and low efficiency of the extraction from plants, manufacturers began to use synthetic technology to increase productivity. Under the environmental protection, high yield and low consumption indicators, Libao produces high quality phenylethyl cinnamate.











white crysta

white crysta

Melting point


  1. °C

Rotation ratio


Specific gravity






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