P-Hydroxycinnamic Acid

Applications ofP-Hydroxycinnamic Acid

P-Hydroxycinnamic Acid, also known as4-Hydroxycinnamic acid,is a radical scavenging effects of antioxidant, compared with other tyrosinase inhibitor, the hydroxy cinnamic acid and ether hydroxy cinnamic acid and other non-toxic odorless, good permeability, and is considered a good candidate material used as a skin whitening agent.

1, medicine: can be used in the synthesis of expectorant drug cuckoo element. In the pharmaceutical industry as the intermediate of production of coronary heart disease treatments can set, and used in the manufacture of local anesthetic, fungicides, and hemostatic, etc.; Has the inhibitory effect of cervical cancer; Can also be used for synthesis of adrenalin medicine YiSiLuo resistance.

2, cosmetic aspect: the single phenolic hydroxy cinnamic acid on tyrosinase enzyme and enzyme activity are inhibition, hydroquinone phenolic enzymatic activity of single and two phenolic enzymatic activity fell by 50%, used in cosmetics inhibit melanin formation.

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