Textile Grease Extraction Apparatus

Rapid Grease Extraction Apparatus

Testing Standards ofRapid Grease Extraction Apparatus:
Edana method ERT 155

Rapid Grease Extraction Apparatus is designed to determine the grease or finish content of wool or synthetic samples by solvent percolation and evaporation. Suitable for fiber, yarn or fabric. Available with 1, 2 or 3 extraction units.

Product Information:
The Rapid Grease Extraction Apparatus was developed specifically for obtaining the oil content of tops and similar materials sufficiently quickly for the results to be available at the time of processing.
The principle of extraction is percolation of a solvent through the wool sample in a simple metal tube. The extract, as it drips from the tube, is collected by a light aluminium tray held between two metal rings mounted on a temperature-controlled hot-plate.

1.The instrument consists of pedestal, extraction tub, weight, plunger, cotton wool plug, tray, and the hot-plate.
2.The tube should be positioned in the hole in the lower support member of the apparatus, and the plunger boss placed in the hole in the upper support member.
3.In use the plunger is placed through the boss and down into the tube. The weight is then located on top of the plunger.

Testing Method:
Before starting a series of tests, the hot-plate is allowed to warm up to a suitable temperature (set by the power regulator knob). The correct temperature has been obtained when the solvent evaporates from the dish almost as quickly as fresh solution filters through to replace it. This prevents flooding of the tray and losing oil to the brass ring.
The temperature must not be too high, however, or the solvent will evaporate violently as the drops of solution hit the hot tray.
Before each test a pre-weighed aluminium tray is placed on the hot-plate brass ring. The tray location ring is then placed on the tray to secure it and to maintain a good thermal contact with the lower ring. The bottom of the tray must not touch the hot-plate.
This test method is most suitable for extracting loose wool or combed slivers, but it may also be used for yarn. It is not suitable for fabric unless it is first disintegrated into yarn to facilitate uniform packing in the extraction tube.

Technical Parameters ofRapid Oil Extraction Apparatus:
1.Range of temperature: ambient temperature-250℃;
2.Loading mode: aggravate weights;
3.Timing range: 1-9999min;
4.Accuracy of temperature control: ±1℃;
5.Number of specimens: 3;
6.Extracting solvent: Petroleum ether, ether and dichloromethane;
7.Outside dimension: 170×170×380mm(L×W×H);
8.Weight: 4.4kg(9.7lb);
9.Power supply: AC220V, 720W;
10.Power dissipation >: 175W.

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