Degassing Flux

Degassing Flux(SATA-PF-350)

General Description of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)

Practice has proved that the hydrogen is the main cause of the pores in the aluminium alloy, the pores not only reduce the actual cross-sectional area of the casting, but also the source of the crack, so it is important part that removing the hydrogen during the smelting process.

SATA-degassing flux also name aluminum degassing fluxisa kind of traditional high efficiency degassing flux for aluminium and its alloys, it used for removing hydrogen and oxides from the aluminium melting.

Application of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)

Plunge suitable quantity flux to the bottom (100mm from the bottom is better) of the melt, evenly and slowly remove the lunch, make the flux fully react with aluminium molten, stand or stir the molten for 10-15 min, the hydrogen and oxide will be taken out of aluminium molten.

Advantage of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)

Easy operation, There are two options. One is with hexachloroethane in tablet form.and another is in powder form without hexachloroethane

It has excellent performance in refining, degassing and drossing

It can enhance the quality of casting, hydrogen content of aluminium molten can reduce to ≤0.1ml/100gAl, the oxide inclusion(Al2O3) can reduce 20% min, the casting inclusion defect reduce 50%min

Specification of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)

White mixed powder

It is suit for all series alloy except high magnesium alloy,

Dosage: recommended dosage: 3%-5% large melting furnace, 4%-6% for crucible furnace

Working Temperature: 710℃-780℃

Package of Degassing Flux (SATA-PF-350)

Packed in 5kg (PE), 25kg (PP), 1000kg bags or customized.

Stored in dry, well-ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight, keep sealed before using.

NOTE: This flux has serious hygroscopicity, please use immediately after opening.

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