Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Basic Principle

The sucking and exhausting valves are usually fitted in the round pump body where there is a centrifugal rotor with three vanes that is driven by centrifugal power. Through the three vanes, the inner space of vacuum pump is split into three parts, whose respective volumes will change periodically as the rotor rotates. With the cavity volume changes, the sucking, compressing and exhausting stage will be done, thus removing the air at the inlet and achieving high vacuums.

Characteristicsof 1. This vacuum pump gives the maximum vacuum degree of less than 0.5mbar.2. The vapor is ejected at high velocity.3. It generates low noise while operating and the signal to noise ratio is lower than 67db.4. Our product is eco-friendly. It is applied with an oil fog clearer, so there is no oil fog existing in exhaust air.5. Coming with compact structure as well as scientific and reasonable design, our pump is easy to be installed in the industry system.

Application Rangesof

  1. 1. This product is suitable for packaging, by using vacuum or inert gases, various food, metal items, as well as electronic elements.2. It is fit for sticking photographs and advertisement sheets.
  2. 1. This rotary vane vacuum pump is used for lifting glass plates, sticking boards and plastic planks, and loading or unloading non-magnetism items.2. It is applicable to loading or unloading, transporting the paper sheets and boards in paper making and printing industry.
  3. 1. It applies to dipping and drying the electronic elements.2. Also, our product is capable of eliminating the air of powder materials, moulds, dopes, and vacuum furnace.

We are .Laboratory Devices, Medical Treatment Devices, Freon Recycling, Vacuum Heat Treatment

TYPE Power( Kw ) Suc Cap (m³/h) Speed (rpm) Utmost pressure(mbar)

X-40 1.1-1.5 40 1440 0.1-0.5

X-63 1.5-2.2 63 1440 0.1-0.5

X-75 1.5-2.2 75 1440 0.1-0.5

X-100 2.2-3 100 1440 0.1-0.5

X-160 4 160 1440 0.1-0.5

X-202 4 200 1440 0.1-0.5

X-302 5 300 1440 0.1-0.5

X-630 15 630 1000 0.1-0.5

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