Перчатки из винила от производителя из Китая

Polyvinyl gloves are with anti-static properties, Class1000 clean room treatment, high-purity water and ultrasonic cleaning. Class1000 clean room cleaning/processing/packing/warehousing. Polyvinyl gloves are flat, no color difference, no impurities, no smell, uniform color, uniform quality, guaranteed quality. Class10000 PVC gloves are suitable for standard Class10000 clean room use. In China, we call it PVC glove. The basic raw materials of Vinyl gloves are: PVC paste resin, plasticizer (DOPDINP), viscosity reducer (solvent oil), heat stabilizer, coloring agent, and filler.

Specification of Vinyl Gloves



PVC Vinyl


M, L


100pcs/box, 10boxes/Carton



Shelf Life:

3 years



Disinfecting type

Non sterile


powder free


Characteristics Of Vinyl Gloves







  1. Clear medical gloves are widely used in sanitary inspection, Labor protection and household hygiene in food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries.


Advantages Of Vinyl Gloves

Pvc Gloves Are Made Of Polyvinyl Chloride Through A Special Process

allergen-free, powder-free, low dust generation, low ion content, and do not contain plasticizers, esters, silicone oils and other ingredients. Clear surgical gloves have strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and touch, and are convenient and comfortable to wear. Anti-static performance, can be used in a dust-free environment.







SICHUAN LONGHUI MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional enterprise engaged in the sales of various medical instruments, equipment and consumables. As one of the best disposable medical products manufacturers in china, we provide protective masks, protective face mask and etc. Want to buy mask or know more? Please contact us.

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