SMC Cable Braket

The SMC cablebracket is a combination consisting of a cable bracket, a post and a fixed pin. The material of the column and the pin is also made by the high temperature pultrusion of the FRP composite. The column can be arbitrarily cut length according to the needs, the height of the layer is adjusted, and the assembly is free. The cable bracket has various specifications to meet different lengths and load requirements.

Light weight, high strength, aging resistance, UV protection, more importantly, 1 mm can withstand voltages above 10,000 volts, it is a good insulation material.

Features: high insulation, chemical resistance, high fire resistance, good water resistance, accurate size, stable working performance, light weight, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof.

SMC Cable Braket Specification


SMC Cable Braket

Galvanized angle bracket

Density (g/cm3)

Specific strength



Corrosion resistance (80°/100h)

Insulation strength (kv/mm)


Flame retardancy

meets the FH-1


Water resistance (%)


Corrosion resistance

Corrosion、acid、alkali、salt resistant

Corrosive, easy to rust




Mechanical strength

Top force 2.5kN deflection 1.0cm

Top force 2.5kN deflection 1.2cm

Lateral force 0.5kN

Top horizontal offset 7cm

Top horizontal offset 7cm




Eddy current effect (loss)


Large loss

Manufacturing process is difficult


Many processes and long cycle

Cable outer sheath scraping test

No visible damage

There is a little visible damage

Raw material

Cheap, resource-rich

More expensive, partially imported


Free maintenance

5-7 years need to be repaired once

Installation process is difficult or easy

Short time and easy to install

Long time, difficult to install

Use life

30 years

10 years

Our bulk molding compound processand bmc compositehas a wide range of applications: differents of auto parts, different kinds of motors, Battery box and high voltage box ,building materials, electrical appliances, Energy/ power generation, etc.

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