HA7204 ONU is an Ethernet product, with four fixed 10/100BASE-TX ports. HA7204 works with central device OLT to implement integrated management, long-distance fault location and decrease maintenance workload.


Apply to IEEE802.3/802.3ah

Support auto discovery and auto register (real-time operation)

Support DBA and multi types SLA

Support IEEE802.1D RSTP

Support IGMP Snooping V2 multi-broadcast function

Support layer 2 line speed transmit

Support EMI and ESD identification

64bit MAC

Support VLAN

Support multi LLID

Support user end auto time synchronization based at SNTP

Support OAM and remote management

Technical Parameter




1310 (TX)/1490 (RX)

Optical power


Receiving sensitivity


Max transmission distance

20 km

MAC Table


Cache space

Number of LLID



100,000 hours

EPON trait

Support IEEE802.3ah

Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

Support ONU auto-searching and automatic registration (real-time operation)

Standard and Protocol

Support IEEE802.3,IEEE802.3u

Support IEEE802.1q WLAN

Support IEEE802.1p QOS

Network management

Cooperating with center OLT, implement management configuration and software upgrade to ONU

Working Environment





Power consumption

Operating temperature

-10—55 C

Storage temperature

-40—70 C


5%~90% non-condensing


109mm(length) * 152mm(width) * 26mm(height) (external)

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Rita Liu

sale1 at hioso.com

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