Flexible Corrugated Nylon Conduits

Flexible Corrugated Nylon Conduits for Wire and Cables

A flexible corrugated nylon conduit part shows the inside corrugated nylon tube and outside metal wire braided
Flexible corrugated nylon conduit

Flexible corrugated nylon conduitconsists of inside nylon tube and outside metal wire braided layer. The nylon tube features high bending properties and abrasion resistance. The metal wire braided offers more stability and durability. It is designed to offer superior mechanical and excellent protection for the cables and wires. Widely used for automotive, shipping, mechanical engineering, electronic industry, etc.


  • Material:inside nylon 6, outside steel wire braided.
  • Temperature:-40°C +120°C.
  • Protection level:IP68.
Flexible Corrugated Nylon Conduit Size Table
Type Trade Size I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Meter/Coil
FCNC-01 1/4" 6.4 10.7 100
FCNC-02 5/16" 9.7 13.7 100
FCNC-03 3/8" 11.7 16.5 100
FCNC-04 1/2" 16.5 21.8 100
FCNC-05 3/4" 21.5 29.0 100
FCNC-06 1" 27.7 34.5 50
FCNC-07 1-1/4" 35.5 42.2 50
FCNC-08 2" 46.4 54.8 50


  • Smooth and bright surface.
  • High tenacity and high pressure resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility and good bending properties.
  • Anti-acid, anti-oil, anti-corrosion, flame retardant.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Easy to install and maintenance.

Application:wire braided corrugated nylon hose is only used for automotive wires and cables sleeving and for machine tools, factory automation, medical devices, machinery, industrial equipment. It has no other usages such as for water, gas, food, etc.

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