Frog Hopper Ride


Hopper ride, also known as jumping frog fair ride, is a kind of amusement equipment which uses flexible parts to hang the seat for vertical lifting. The main structure includes gantry, seat and oil cylinder. The seats use the steel wire rope to bypass the fixed pulley of the portal frame to connect with the oil cylinder. Through the continuous stretching action of the oil cylinder, the tourists sitting on the seat are promoted to the height, quickly lowered, immediately elevated, and then continuously jumping up and down. , As if sitting on the back of a big frog hopper ride, children always love the equipment.


The frog hopper ride is a vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride consisting of one vertical gantry pillar, oil cylinder (the power engine that makes hops possible) a row of seats and wire ropes, which are respectively connected on seats and the oil cylinder through fixed pulleys. This ride lifts passengers, then "hops" them back down for several times. Children will feel like they’re riding the backs of these friendly green critters, bouncing up in the air and back to the ground and filled with thrill and excitements.

Juma is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, installation and sales of amusement facilities in China. Ever since our establishment, we’ve been putting unremitting efforts in this industry, and now our design, manufacturing and monitoring capacity greatly improve our efficiency and provide guarantees for the quality of our products.Now we have frog hopper ride for sale, If you need, please contact us in time.






Running height:


Power supply:

AC380/50Hz, three-phase TN-S system

Theory passengers capacity :


Occupied area:

7m*6m =42㎡

Company Profile

Founded in 1990, JUMA CHINAAmusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company attached to Juma Group. As an amusement equipment manufacturing company, Juma has rich experience in design, production and maintenance of ferris wheel, which is our signature product line. During the last three decades, Juma has grown rapidly and become the largest manufacturer of ferris wheel in China with hundreds of professional staff. In order to present our products and service better to the international market and enhance the business capability, Juma set up Shanghai branch in 2014.

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