FY Series Submerged Centrifugal Pump

Product Name: FY Series Submerged Pump Product Category:Chemical Pumpi. Product Description:Based on the traditional submerged anti-corrosion pump and the advanced technology Sulzer Brothers Ltd uses,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, our company has improved the design and produced FY Series Submerged Pumps. We abandoned the widely used mechanical seal and designed this Pump with unique structured impellers. Hence it's energy-efficient, leak-tightness and it has an extra-long service life. The Pump is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, pharmacy industry, paper-making industry, metallurgic industry and wastewater treatment.ii. Product Characteristics:1.It's vertical submerged pump with Nice appearance. This Pump is space saving as it's installed on the reservoir of the delivered medium. This can help to reduce the infrastructure investment.2.Without the mechanical seal, this Pump is operation cost saving and high efficient. We do not need to frequently maintain the pump due to the abrasion of mechanical seal as the other submerged pumps.3.With the unique Centrifugal double balanced impeller, this pump can be used to deliver mediums without solid particle. It has low vibration noise and high efficiency. With the unshrouded double balanced impeller, the pump can be used to deliver dirty liquid with solid particle and short-staple. It also can operate stable and smoothly.iii. Model Implication:Installation Dimension1. Coupling 2. Bearing Box 3. Lower Stand 4. Installation Box 5. Supporting Tube 6. Axle 7. Outlet Flange 8. Outlet Pipe 9. Pump Body 10. Impeller 11. Pump Cover 12. Axle SleeveFY Series Submerged Pump Installation Dimension:SpecificationModelOutlet Diameter(mm)Flow QLift(m)Rotating Speed(r/min)Power(KW)(m3/h)(L/s)Shaft PowerMotor Power KW25FY-16253.611629000.7131.525FY-16A253.270.911329000.7131.525FY-25253.612529001.162.225FY-25A253.270.912029001.162.225FY-41253.614129002.51425FY-41A253.270.913329002.51340FY-16327.221629000.782.240FY-16A326.551.821329000.781.540FY-26327.222629001.45340FY-26A326.551.822129001.45340FY-40327.224029002.535.540FY-40A326.551.823229002.535.550FY-164014.441629001.18350FY-16A4013.13.641329001.18350FY-254014.442529001.96450FY-25A4013.13.642029001.96350FY-404014.444029003.737.550FY-40A4013.13.613329003.735.565FY-165028.881629002.16465FY-16A5026.27.281329002.16365FY-255028.882529003.565.565FY-25A5026.27.282129003.565.565FY-405028.884029006.041165FY-40A5026.27.283329006.041180FY-156554151529003.347.580FY-15A6549.113.651229003.347.580FY-246554152429005.431180FY-24A6549.113.652029005.431180FY-386554153829009.6418.580FY-38A6549.113.653129009.6415100FY-2380100.8282329009.2518.5100FY-23A8091.825.51829009.2515100FY-3780100.82837290014.7322100FY-37A8091.825.531290014.7322


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