80 Soft Silicone Oil RH-NB-686B-6

Product Information【Product Name】Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-6【Introduction】Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-6 is Amino-modified Polysiloxane elastomer,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com, applied in super soft and fluffy finishing of cotton, terylene/cotton, terylene/viscose and its blended fabrics. It can obtain excellent handle. 【Advantage】(1) It can endow the textiles with soft, fluffy style. (2) Excellent stability, can reduce the problem of the roller sticky, floating oil (3) Excellent of adsorptive property, can be re-dye(4) Easy to dilute【Basic Character】Appearance: Colorless and transparent thick liquidIonic: weakly cationicPH Value: 7.0-8.0(1% water solution)Solid Content: 49%~52%Dissolution: can dissolve in the water in any proportion【Application】Handle finishing of fluffy and soft for cotton, polyester, jute, etc.【Usage amount for reference 】 Dilute as RH-NB-686B-6: water=1:2 for exampleRH-NB-686B-6: 100kg; Water: 200Kg; glacial acetic acid: 2 Kg; Total: 302KgAdd 100Kg RH-NB-686B-6 to stirred tank reactor, open the reactor and add 10kg water, stir for some time, after all water is absorbed, add 20kg water, after all water absorbed, add the rest 180kg water and 2kg glacial acetic acid, then stir for about 10mins, filter to use.(1) Dipping Process:  Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-6 dilution    2-5%(o.w.f)(2) Padding Process:  Silicone Softener RH-NB-686B-6 dilution    10-30g/L【Package】120kg or 200kg plastic barrel.【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period. 


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