Silica For Feed Additives

Silica for feed additivesThis product is a favorable carrier for feed additives. It is used to convert liquid animal feed ingredients and additives into free-flowing dry powder and premixes. Using silica carrier ensures the high loading of animal feed ingredients and additives as well as the loading consistency. Feed manufacturers will also be able to benefit from the more efficient mixing and processing in production as a result of the silica carrier use.JS-95 Silica for feed additivesTest MethodsPropertiesUnitsTarget Values(Spec Limits)Actual ValuesGB25576-2010Loss on drying (2Hrs,Website:,105℃)%Max.6.55.85GB25576-2010Ignition loss 1000℃%Max.8.54.25GB25576-2010SiO2  (Dry Basis)%Min.9697.9GB25576-2010Pb contentmg/kgMax.51.02GB25576-2010Heavy metal content (Pb)mg/kgMax.30﹤30GB25576-2010As contentmg/kgMax.30.82GB/T13082Gd contentmg/kgMax.0.50.01GB25576-2010Soluble salt%Max.4.00.85Packing MethodLDPE liners wrapped with laminated HDPEAlso available in EVA bag inner packingPacking Bags Available(Standard Bags) HDPE20kgsShipmentNET WEIGHT PER BAGSHIPMENT  ( MT )(KGS)TRUCK LOADCONTAINELOADUNPALLETIZEDPALLETIZED20' FCL40' H.C.FCL20' FCL40' H.C. FCL20.0099197.815.4


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