TM-100 Polyester Soil Release & Soft Finishing Agent

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tm-100 polyester soil release & soft finishing agent manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk tm-100 polyester soil release & soft finishing agent products and check the price and quotation with us.TM-100 Polyester Soil release & soft finishing agentTM-100 is a kind of the binary polymer of polyester with polyether, can be used as polyester soil release finishing agent & polyester wicking and quick dry finishing agent & polyester soft finishing agent & Polyester Hydrophilic, antistatic, raising agent.Physicochemical PropertiesAppearance:Yellowish irregular granularSolid content≥ 96%Ionic character:NonionicpH value (1% solution):6.0±1.0Packing:25Kg kraft paper lined with woven bagStorage conditions:6 months (Temp < 30℃, Humi < 50%)Product performanceGive textile the hydrophilic, soil release, antistatic, wicking and quick dry, etc. properties;Make fabric super fluffy & soft feel so that its fabrics will become comfortable to wear.Excellent wash-fastness because this product gets linked with the polyester fiber tightly through chemical bonds after finishing.No yellowing;UseSuitable to polyester, polyester blend, nylon, polyvinyl acetate, urethane elastic fiber fabrics, etc.;Pad finishing after dyeing process & immersion method after dyeing process can be both chose;Recommend DosagePad finishing after dyeing process: 2-3g/L.Immersion method after dyeing process: 0.2%-0.3%.Note: To get the better washable ability, please according to below process after the finishing,Pad or Immersion → Oven dry at 80℃-100℃ → Curing at 170℃-180℃ for 60 seconds. Dilution method (Dispersed to 10%)Water:90 partsTM-100:10 partsFOR LAB DISSOLUTION (0~100g SOLID TM-100): add only water in glass beaker, warming it to 95℃ by Electromagnetic Oven, →add TM-100 in the glass beaker, →(inflate) keep temperature constant at 95℃ for 30min,  →when the solid float on the surface of water, begin the stirring at 80r/min~200 r/min by electric Stirrer, →then decrease the temperature to 40℃ slowly for 20min, finally filtrate and discharge. FOR BULK PRODUCTION DISSOLUTION (≥50KG SOLID TM-100): add only water in Reaction vessel with heating function, →stirring purified water at 80r/min~200 r/min and warming it to 95℃,  →add TM-100 slowly(30 min) with stirring until finished, →(inflate) keep temperature constant at 95℃ for 150-180min, →then decrease the temperature to 40℃, finally filtrate and discharge. 


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