QT-TQ0301 Intact root sampling drill kit

Product description: QT-TQ0301 intact root sampling drill kit can be used to collect up to 15 cm of intact soil samples. There is a replaceable serrated crown at the bottom of the drill, however, the top of the drill is shorter and is not removable. If the soil is relatively soft, the drill can be penetrated directly in the soil; if the soil is relatively hard, a bumping hammer or a slide hammer might be needed to help the drill get in the soil.
QT-TQ0301 Intact root sampling drill kit
Application: The study on plant root system allows us to better understand plant root growth (i.e., depth and density) possibilities. Generally, plants should have intensive root systems in the soil, which allows the plants to fully utilize the soil. If there is adequate nutrition and water in the soil, the more widely the root systems distribute the more nutrition and water will be absorbed.
Strengthened cutting head, easy to use, prolonged service life;
Replaceable cutting head;
Screw arbor can push the sample out, which makes sampling easier
Bumping hammer or slide hammer can help root drill penetrate in the soil
Extension rods with various lengths can be customized.
Technical Specifications:
Hitting handle
High-quality carbon steel , 40cm long, with striking head , threaded connections, combined with the use of energy-absorbing hammer
Slide Hammer
14lb, high-quality carbon steel, threaded connection
Cutting head
High-quality alloy tool steel, surface treatment with vacuum nitriding, hardness HRC55 above, inner bore φ80mm, 40mm long, Quick connection with sampling tubes


Sampling tube
High-quality carbon structural steel, total length of 1 m, effective sample size φ80 * 150mm, combined with the cutting head. Soil sample can be pushed out of the tube by screw arbor and remain intact.


Screw arbor
Combined with the sampling tube. Push soil samples out of the tube.
Non-slip , waterproof, cotton lining
M Wrench
12 inches , with a non-slip grip

Durable Carrying Case

With shockproof sponge inside , ABS material


Origin: CHINA

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