Air Cooling CNC Vacuum Pump

Air-cooled vacuum pump
5.5KW:345v/415v 7.5KW:345v/415v 11KW:380v
5.5KW:-34/50kpa 7.5KW:-35/56kpa 11KW:62kpa
5.5KW:12A /14.4A 7.5KW:15.5A/18.6A 11KW:21.5A
5.5KW:520m³/h 7.5KW:550m³/h 11KW:1100m³/h
Shandong Jinan

Product Introduction and Description of Air Cooling CNC Vacuum Pump
Product introduction and description:

Applicable scenarios: CNC router

Product Composition:

Installation and operation tips of CNC router vacuum adsorption pump:

Similar to the water cooled vacuum pump produced by HYCNC, the vacuum adsorption plate or table of the air cooling CNC vacuum pump also requires the customer to groove the groove. After the groove is grooved, flange joints are installed in each area. The most common is 6 areas (which can be partitioned according to customer needs). 6 pcs flange joints are then connected to the pipe. Then, connect the 6 pcs valve onto the 6-way connector, and connect the wire pipe from the 6-way connector to the cnc router vacuum pump.

Advantages of air cooling vacuum pump:

1. Small size and easy installation

2. Maintenance: no consumables, convenient and efficient, and cost-saving

3. Low noise

4. Wide suction range, mainly depends on cnc vacuum pump power

Tips: CNC router recommends to use vacuum pump of more than 4kw. Generally, CNC router adsorption platform uses power options of 5.5kw, 7.5kw, and 11kw. The smaller the power, the smaller the suction power. Thus, it is not recommended to use less than 4kw.

Influencing factors of air cooled vacuum pump suction has the flowing: The vacuum pressure of the vacuum pump is the same. The only difference is th flow speed. If the force is not enough, the easiest way is to increase the suction cup.

If the air leakage is serious during adsorption, the flow should be increased by increasing the vacuum pump power; if the intensity is not enough, the adsorption area should be increased; if the adsorption area is large, the thin plate will then deform. Thus, under this circumstance, you should choose multiple suction ports.

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