Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding

HQC bamboo deep strand woven bamboo claddingis synonymous with nobility and fashion. In modern cities, villas, residential areas, hotels, and parks, HQC Bamboo bamboo wall interiorand bamboo exterior wallcladding has wide application. Its texture is natural like hardwood.

Our exterior bamboo wall claddingis outstanding in terms of hardness, dimensional stability, and resistance to decay and insects. And our bamboo interior wall cladding is very cost-effective to bring paneling natural beauty and grace to any room. hard and extremely durable, our bamboo cladding are ideal wall covering materials that are resistant to chemicals.

The wall made of natural strand woven bamboo which is dignified, environmentally friendly, and fashionable, will be your first choice for office/home decoration. Refresh your place with the woven bamboo wall.

Accessories of HQC Bamboo Wall Cladding

HQC can provide you the matching accessories to meet your needs of installing bamboo wall cladding. As well, the installation specification will be shipped with the products. If you have any questions about our bamboo fence cladding, please send us an ! We are waiting for you.

Installation & Maintennance

Bamboo Cladding Detail

We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

Quality of HQC Bamboo Exterior/Interior Wall Cladding

Quality assurance of Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding: Selecting southern high-quality carbonized strand bamboo as raw material, our bamboo products must have gone through carbonization, drying, dipping, and other processes. Our company, equipped with domestic advanced bamboo plate hot press matching technology and 23 production lines, is dedicated to making the best strand bamboo flooring products and become one of the best bamboo products China Manufacturer in the world. At the moment of environmental protection, HQC Bamboo Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding selected a new type of environmental protection phenolic resin adhesive independently developed by the company, which has good bonding performance and stability. HQC Bamboo deep strand woven bamboo wall panel can be used to make bamboo exterior/interior wall cladding, woven bamboo wall, and bamboo fence cladding, which has the advantages of low dry shrinkage and moisture ratio, not easy to deform, anticorrosive, waterproof, wear resistance, and strong stability. The service life is more than 20 years.

Professional Bamboo Cladding Manufacturer

After 15 years of goodwill accumulation, HQC bamboo Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding has entered the global core supply chain. Because of the professionalism, the bamboo flooring wholesale supplier is trustworthy. Because of the profession, our bamboo products are worth reassuring. Because of concentration, HQC Bamboo is worth paying attention to.

Product specification: 1860* 139*12 mm, we could accept customized orders. As one of the best bamboo product manufacturers, HQC also provides bamboo products for sale at a reasonable price.

If you want to know more types of bamboo flooring on walls, please visit our website.

Now the price of woven bamboo wall panelsis affordable, anything you need, please contact us.

As one of bamboo flooring companies, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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