Bamboo Screen

Screen fully reflected the characteristic of bamboo, as we all know that bamboo tenacity is very good which is different from woodiness furniture. The screen could divide space into a different part, then you could arrange them freely in your request with different functions, such as bamboo screens outdoor and bamboo screens indoor. The screen can be also a shooter, beautiful views. Put HQC Bamboo Screen in your room, make your room cultural and elegant.

HQC Bamboo Screen adopts traditional mortise and tenon process which is firm and durable, lifetime is longer than other structures and also eco-friendly no any other things be placed in. The screen specification follows lucky number customization. HQC Bamboo Screen has a different dimension, you can choose the dimension according to actual demand, HQC Bamboo Screen has bamboo ecru/black/walnut color/big paint color and so on, we could also accept customized color in your request. About the tie-in color, you can choose different decoration styles.

HQC Bamboo Screen is made of bamboo board. Bamboo Board has a strong physical and mechanical properties, and the water absorption coefficient is small, It is not easy to crack and deformation. Bamboo Board is resistant to pressure and abrasion; Bamboo Board is strong and durable, strong and tough; Not easy to deformation, small cracking coefficient of expansion, Carbonized treatment, resistance to moisture, resistance to drying, resistance to deformation; Then through the bamboo crisscross arrangement and other scientific technology to ensure that bamboo Board and its products resistant to cracking and deformation,High temperature and high-pressure treatment, fundamentally prevent moth and mold.

Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a bamboo products suppliers. HQC Bamboo can provide all kinds of bamboo products that you want, For example,room divider bamboo natural,woven bamboo screen, partition bamboo, vintage bamboo room divider, bamboo room partitions, bamboo flexible room divider. If want to know bamboo partition priceor buy bamboo screening, please contact us.

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