Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS1200

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Specification of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS1200



PCB size


Printing area


PCB fixed system

Pin positioning

Frame size


Adjusting for table


Printing Accuracy


Repeating Accuracy


PCB thickness

Air source


Power supply

AC220V 50HZ



Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight


Features of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS1200

The stopping time of the scraper at top left or bottom left, and top right of bottom right, as well as the overall stopping time of the steel gird at top or bottom can be independently set in the touch screen menu.

The PCB can be localized and fastened by base hole, base side, both base hole and base side, and template localization.

Time can be displayed on the touch screen and the count of the printing time can be recorded.

The scraper speed at left and right is adjustable and can be stopped in an emergency.

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