OBS-3+ turbidity sensor

The OBS3+ sensor uses OBS technology to measure the suspended solids and turbidity in water, and the turbidity can reach 4000NTUs. OBS technology works by emitting a beam of near-infrared light into the water and then receiving the light beam reflected back by suspended particles. OBS3+ is a sensor that can be completely immersed in water. Its stainless steel shell structure can meet its normal operation in a freshwater environment of 500m deep. When equipped with a titanium alloy housing, it can even be used in fresh water or sea water up to 1500m deep. According to different signal output methods, it can be connected with various types of data collectors of Campbell, and can also be equipped with Hydro-Wiper series automatic cleaning equipment to ensure the cleaning of OBS-3+ sensors, so that it can be carried out normally and reliably Accurate measurement work. In addition, you can also choose a carrying case for it according to actual needs, which is convenient for carrying and storage.

Application areas:

  ◆ River and stream monitoring
  ◆ Excavation and sand mining
  ◆ Water quality control of sedimentation tank and storage tank
  ◆ Research in the field of soil and sand flow
  ◆ Can be used for laboratory measurement
  ◆ Field-proven compact, low power consumption probe
  ◆ Can be widely used in freshwater and seawater (Titanium alloy shell is required for seawater application)
  ◆ Compatible with all data collectors of Campbell
  ◆ Equipped with MCBH-5 waterproof plug connector, there are a variety of cable lengths to choose from
  ◆ Can provide a 5-point deposition calibration (the dried water deposit needs to be sent to Campbell for calibration)

technical parameter:

   Maximum measuring depth: 500m (stainless steel shell); 1500m (titanium alloy shell)
   Drift: <2%/year
  Maximum output frequency: 10Hz
   Input voltage: 5~15VDC (when voltage signal is output); 9~15VDC (when current signal is output)
   Rated current consumption: 15mA (when voltage signal is output); 45mA (when current signal is output)
   Working wavelength: 850nm±5nm
   Optical power consumption: 2000μW
Measuring range:
   Turbidity: Option table below the model
   Maximum concentration: (depending on the size, shape and reflectivity of the deposit)
Mud: 5000mg/L~10000mg/L
Sand: 50000mg/L~100000mg/L*
Turbidity: 2% reading or 0.5NTU (whichever is greater)
Mud: 2% reading or 1mg/L (whichever is greater)
Sand: 4% reading or 10mg/L (whichever is greater)
   Case material: Type 316 stainless steel or titanium alloy
  Connecting plug: MCBH-5-FS, waterproof plug
   Weight: 181.4g
   Size: 14.1cm in height × 2.5cm in diameter

Origin: United States

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