Level Indicator

We provide level indicator as one spare part or accessory of our silo. The anti-rotary level indicator is frequently used to measure the material level at one position of our silo,Website:http://www.yiyangsilo.com, having the features of anti-adhesion, high temperature resistance and adjustable sensitiveness. The indicator is installed at the top or bottom of the silo and can make alarm when the silo is full or empty; it can also be installed at set intervals (around 1 meter ) and used to measure the material level in silo; or the indicator could be interlocked with the feed and discharge equipment and realize the automatic start and stop of conveying equipment.  Features:1.The enclosure is fully closed, with waterproof and dust performance.2. Fully sealed bearings, with a special oil seal, can prevent dust penetration through drive shaft.3.The tension spring can be adjusted, fitted to the measurement of all kinds of bulk density materials.4. Unique clutch design, and with overload protection function.5 Its installation is simple, and you can check to replace the internal parts without removing it from the wall of silo.

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