SOILVUE10 soil multi-parameter profile probe


The SOILVUE™ 10 sensor consists of 6 or 9 TDR sensors built into the threaded tube, with an integral thread design. The independent sensor built into the threaded tube improves the contact between the sensor and the soil to reduce the error of the air gap. The TDR circuit generates short rise time electromagnetic pulses for spiral waveguides. Use the bidirectional travel time of the applied pulse to calculate the dielectric constant of the surrounding medium, and use the mixed model to determine the volumetric water content.
The SOILVUE™10 sensor can be installed in a 5cm (2 inch) hole. Installation of sensors does not require excavating machinery or custom tools. The cable has an IP67 waterproof connector and can be removed from the sensor for easy field replacement.


l Measuring VWC, dielectric constant, EC (conductivity) and temperature, 6 depths or 9 depths
l Use SDI-12 1.4 digital output,
l Compatible with Campbell collector.

SOILVUE10 soil multi-parameter profile probe

Soil multiparameter
Technical Parameters
General parameters
Measurement parameters
Soil volumetric water content; dielectric constant; soil conductivity; soil temperature
5.2cm (without thread); 5.8cm (with thread)
0.55m (6 depths)/1.05m (9 depths)
1.9Kg (6 depths)/3.6Kg (9 depths)
Measuring depth
0.5m (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50cm)
1m (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 100cm)
Power consumption
12VDC, measurement: 64mA; sleep: 2.5mA
Dielectric constant
Measuring range
measurement accuracy
±1 (4~42)
Soil volumetric water content
Measuring range
measurement accuracy
±1.5% (typical soil)
Soil conductivity
Measuring range
measurement accuracy
±2% (0~2.5dS/m); ±5% (full range)
Soil temperature
Measuring range
measurement accuracy

Origin: United States

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