SF-110 frost sensor

The frost sensor is used by adding two temperature sensors (precision thermistors) to a platform. The two sensors are in the form of plant leaves and buds using the principle of bionics. Keep SF-110 close to the temperature of leaves and buds during use. Apply to the frosting of the leaves and buds of weather stations, orchards or all plants. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the leaves and buds can drop below 0°C even if the air temperature is slightly higher than 0°C on a windless night. Due to the lack of air interference (wind) on the surface of the leaves and buds, the leaves or buds surface It is in a negative net long-wave radiation balance (long-wave radiation on the blade surface is more than in the air in fine weather), which is called radiation frost. No frost occurs in cloudy or windy weather.

SF-110 frost
Technical Parameters
Sensor size
Tube diameter
Disk diameter
Response time
Balance time
Input voltage
2.5V excitation voltage
Self-heating conditions
Under the condition of 2.5V excitation voltage 5℃, the maximum is 0.084℃
working environment
-40℃~70℃, 100% relative humidity, professional outdoor waterproof
cable length
5m aluminum foil shielded wire, can be extended

Origin: United States

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