CS471 bubble water level sensor

CS471 bubble water level sensor
CS471 is a high-precision (±0.02ft) bubble that is widely used in surface and groundwater level measurement. However, other liquid levels can also be measured. The accuracy is ±0.02 feet. The Campbell Scientific Data Collector controls the pump operation of the CS471 and calculates the measurement results. The bubble water level sensor usually communicates with the data collector through the SDI-12 protocol. Many data collectors of our company support SDI-12 protocol.

Advantages and features
The equipment is very suitable for working in corrosive, polluting, flooding, lightning strike or man-made destruction
Compatible with most Campbell scientific data collectors
Easy to maintain
Has a powerful pump to provide reliable operation
Relative measurement ensures consistent drift-free measurement accuracy and offset compensation
Cleaning function, cleaning the measuring tube and the contaminated bubble chamber
No pressurized nitrogen tank is used-very small volume
Can use existing tubes

Technical Description
CS471 contains compressed air piston pumps. The compressed air enters the water body to be measured through the measuring tube. The pressure generated in the measuring tube is proportional to the water column above the bubble chamber. CS471 can measure atmospheric pressure and bubble pressure successively. The height of the water above the bubble chamber is calculated from the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the bubble pressure measurement.
When using CS471, the acquisition system must include the measuring tube, bubble chamber, power supply, data collector, and data collector connection cable. Campbell provides measuring tubes, bubble chambers, and commonly used accessory cables (see ordering information). The CS471 data logger and power supply must be placed in a dry environment, usually in a Campbell case. The accessories for installing the back panel of the CS471 chassis are shipped with the sensor.
CS471 can communicate via SDI-12, 4-20 mA, or RS-485 (SDI-12 protocol, via physical RS-485 interface). The SDI-12 protocol is the preferred protocol when using Campbell's data collector. Many of our data collection support SDI-12 protocol.
CS471 product specifications
Resolution: 0.003ft/ 0.014psi
Power requirements: 10-30V DC
Measuring time: 1min
Output: SDI-12 (version 1.3) 1200 bits,
4-20 mA, RS-484 (SDI-12 protocol via RS-485 interface)
Measuring range: 0 to-15.2 m (0~50ft)
Working temperature: -20°C-60°C
Storage temperature: -40°C-85°C
Relative humidity range: 10%-95%RH, non-condensing
Maximum measuring tube length: 100.6m (330ft)
Electrical box size:
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3lb)
0-4.6 m (0 -15 feet): ±0.003 m (0.01 feet)
4.6-10.7 m (15-35 feet): display value ±0.065%
10.7-15.2 m (35 -50 feet): ±0.006 m (0.02 feet)

Origin: United States

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