OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System

Introduction: OBS-3A turbidity and temperature monitoring system uses OBS (Optical backscatter point sensor) technology to integrate turbidity, pressure, and conductivity sensor probes into a complete battery-powered monitoring system. The battery and electronic equipment are placed in a sealed container with a maximum working depth of 300 meters. OBS-3A is a turbidity monitoring system with comprehensive functions, high reliability and easy to use.
The core of the OBS-3A monitoring system is an OBS® sensor for measuring turbidity and suspended solids concentration. The sensor works by emitting near infrared light into the water and then receiving the light reflected back by suspended particles.
OBS-3A measures temperature with a fast-response stainless steel thermal probe, measures pressure through changes in semiconductor resistance, and uses a four-electrode conduction unit to measure conductivity.
The monitoring system can work independently and be directly connected to the computer, and the accompanying operating software can be used in Windows98, 2000 and XP environments.
OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System
OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System
·Rely on three "D" type batteries can work 1500~8000 hours
·Monitoring sediment concentration value can reach 5000mg/L, turbidity value can reach 4000NTUs
·Using OBS unique field verification technology (US Patent No. 4841157) to measure turbidity
Able to record depth, wave height, wave period, water temperature and salinity
·200,000 lines of data can be recorded in flash memory
·Program set point and sampling time
·Able to provide optional 5 points of sediment calibration (the dried water deposit needs to be sent to Campbell for calibration)

Application areas:
·River monitoring
·Excavation and mining monitoring
· Remote monitoring and recording of turbidity through Internet sites
·Sediment transport research
·Measure wastewater discharge

Technical specifications:
technical parameter:
Temperature range
storage temperature
Working depth
300m (984 feet)
Time offset
Temperature offset
0.05% /℃
Maximum number of samples
Sampling frequency
Maximum data rate
≥25 Hz (connect to PC)
≥5 Hz (independent use)
Data storage space
Maximum data storage line
200,000 lines
Computer interface
RS-232 /115kbps; RS-485 /115kbps
battery capacity
Maximum battery life
8000 hours
Infrared wavelength
Measuring range:
Concentration range (depending on the type of sediment)
Mud (D50=20μm) 0.4~5000mg/L
Sand (D50=250μm) 2~100000mg/L
0 to 10m, 20m, 50m, 100m or 200m
0~65mS/cm (40PSU, ‰)
measurement accuracy:
Mud-2% of reading, sand-3.5% of reading
±5% of f.s. (f.s. = 50, 100, or 200 dBar)
Standard sizes
Height 36.2cm, diameter 7.6cm
3.4lbs (1.5kg) without battery
MCBH-8-FS, waterproof plug

Origin: United States

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