PICO-PROFILE-T3PN soil profile moisture and salt sensor

Characteristics of soil moisture and salt sensor:
▲Determination of moisture and salinity in different depths of soil
▲Continuous measurement of soil moisture and salt content up to 3 meters in depth
▲ Repeatability of measurement results <0.1%
▲Simple operation and modular design
▲ Configure calibration curves for different soils
▲The data collector can be connected to the GPRS module
▲Waterproof design

●PICO-PROFILE probe can connect up to 10 PICO-T3PN sensors through the connecting pipe, which can measure soil at different depths;
●Each PICO-T3PN sensor can be calibrated individually to improve measurement accuracy
●PICO-T3PN can also measure the soil salt content at different depths, and the pore water conductivity and TDS can be obtained by calculation
●Sturdy and durable, waterproof design, can be used for a long time in harsh environments
●Compared with traditional sensors, it can measure soil moisture and salt at any depth
●Each PICO-T3PN sensor can measure 1 cubic decimeter of soil
●PICO-PROFILE can be connected to the globeLog data collector through the standard SDI-12 transmission method, and can be used with GPRS and SIM cards
●The sensor is very flexible to use. The standard connection tube of PICO-T3PN sensor has three options of 10, 30 and 80cm. When connecting, the connection segment and PICO-T3PN sensor can be tightened.
●Exploration tube length standard 1m, 2m, 3m, other lengths can be customized

Technical Parameters:
power supply
Power consumption
100mA @ 12V/DC, measurement process 2~3S
Moisture measurement range
0~100% volume water content
Moisture accuracy
Conductivity measurement range
Measuring volume
Operating temperature
-15°C...50°C (expandable)
Optional calibration curve:
Standard correction (±3%)
Sandy soil
Dielectric constant
Protection level
IP67 (waterproof and sealed PVC)
Sensor size
Length 200 mm, diameter 40 mm
Outer diameter 44mm, inner diameter 42mm, up to 3m
T3PN intermediate connecting tube
Aluminum and PVC, including positive and negative connectors, optional lengths: 10cm, 30cm, 80cm, can be connected in different combinations, special lengths can be customized
2m, 5m and 10m optional, 7-pin connector

Origin: Germany

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