Compressed Wood Pallet Machine

This recyclable wood pallet machineis widely used to convert wood & agriculture waste into one-time forming molded pallets.

Shaping Cycle:300-400 seconds

Pallet Size:smaller than 1300*1250mm;

Pressure:1000T, 1200T, 1500T etc.

Electric device:380v, 50hz, can be customized.

NOTE:This compressed wood pallet machine drives with hot-oil boiler, the heating resource can be firewood, pellet, briquettes, natural gas or diesel oil etc.


Wood pallet molding machine is also named as presswood pallet machine, moulded pallet press machine, etc. It’s specially designed to press engineered wood fiber and resin material into one-time forming molded pallet, the pallet size and pattern can be customized on request. Compared with raw wood made pallets, pressed wood pallet have the features of free fumigation, no nailing process, no deformation, termite resistant and higher loading capacity, it became the most revolutionary alternatives in the packing and logistics industry.


  1. Separate hydraulic system and four-column structure in the production to realize high rigidity and precision retaining performance;
  2. One button operation can complete pressure inflating, limiting, maintaining, time counting, mold releasing, de-molding and mold raising automatically.
  3. The shaping cycle can be shorted at 200s to double the working efficiency while realizing the automated production of molded wood pallets;
  4. Easy maintenance and low energy consumption.


We all know that wood waste resource is very flexible and can be molded into various products according to the different applications. We have made a detailed proposal in wood recycling solutions for your reference. Here we just list our other wood processing machinery.

Thanks to 22 years' experience in manufacturing industrial and the incessant technological research aimed at improving and perfecting productive processes have stimulated Rotecho to step forward constantly, to the point of becoming a leader in the industry of industrial recycling machines.RFQ today!

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