U Ferrite Core

Product type:UU/UF/UI transformer core.Application information :U,UF,UI ferrite core normally used for LED driver, big swich power transformer and so on.Material:High Power MnZnCurie Temperature:>215Ui:2300-4000Al value:1000-4500(nH/N²)Min order quantity:100PCSAdvantages:Help open air gapped.More discount provided with quantity increased  SGS report&ISO9001 Manufacturer and Provide the factory price.Size:UF9.8,UF10.5,UF1523,UF15.7,UF1620,UU1654,UF1936, UF20.3,UF2132,UF2532,UF2758,UF3143,UU3138,UF3327,UU3935,UU46,UU100,UF120,UF140;

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