high precision CNC machine XKNC-50G

XKNC-50G is a kind of gang type lathe developed and manufactured by our company based on long years production experience. It is characterized by: Φ30 of spindle through-hole diameter, additionally installed power chuck, cast iron lathe bed and Z AXIS trough beam design It inherits high precision property from XKNC-20G and superior cutting property from XKNC-100G, and is more suitable to applications in industries, such as optics, automobile, micro motor, bearing etc. If equipped with precision pneumatic chuck and other special fixture, it may have part deformation in control; especially do better in high precision processing of part with thin-wall, like processing and casting, cold pressing part etc. 

X-axis guide way adopts the high quality cast iron with quenching, grinding and scraping treatment, which will prolong the precision retaining period of the guide ail surface and keep the stable precision of machine tool for a long time.

Z-axis adopts the double-V-shape sliding guide way which can meet the rigid requirement, and the automatic machining with large working range.

The machine is equipped with the proper mutation structure and sufficient tool installation space. The precise machining tool for drilling, thread tapping, internal boring, turning radial drilling threading and cutting can be installed in the tool post.

The best advantage of the gang lathe is high-speed tool reaching. It changes the tools high speed and accuracy enable to save machining time.

The unique high-precision main spindle of Kitamura machine works is well known. However, we reduced the cycle time by adoption of high-acceleration servomotor and latest high-speed CNC, comparing to the former model, Without compromise, we have improved the scraped finish that can only be achieved with traditional KNC technology and craftsmanship. We provide you with the most stable precision for many years, Furthermore, and NC order 0.1μ comes standard, smoother taper/R processing was made possible.

Base made from cast iron materials is used for the machine tool, which improves cutting property and cutting stability greatly.

Effective Stroke:

X axis 250mm

Z axis 250mm



Swing over bed


Swing over cross slide




Max,machining length




Number of speed ranges


Through hole dia


Spindle speed



X-axis travel


Z-axis travel



Spindle servo motor


X-axis motor


Z-axis motor




Required electric power




Mass of machine

1500 Kg

Control unit

FANUC 0i mate TD


Controlled axis

Simultaneously controllable 3 axis

Simultaneously controllable 4 axis

Input method

MDI keyboard input, combined use of absolute/incremental programming

Program memory capacity


Interpolation function

Linear interpolation、circular interpolation、 Polar interpolation


X:0.00005mm, Z:0.0001mm

Tool offset





Number of tool offset

64 pairs

Manual handle feed


Feed rate override


Auxiliary function


Rapid traverse override

F0, 25 50 100%

Input/output interface


Display language


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