Tailing Recycling Machine

Product advantage:
1, Arrangement of magnetic field: magnetic pole spacing of disks is small, no magnetic field-free region between the disk and the disk. 
2, Unloading ore: compulsory unloading for non-contact type of unloading ore mine, left a layer of powder on the surface layer of the disk, disk surface wear-free, the whole 8-10 times as long as normal, is also recycled grade increase of magnetic minerals. 
3,Large capacity: the machine is designed for tailings re-election, its structure has high output, low grade tailings characteristics, the capacity is several times and even a dozen times, compared with the existing drum type magnetic separator. 
4, High recovery rates: all items are subject to effects of the magnetic field between the disk, roller full recovery of mineral, a high recovery rate.  
5, Saving water: because of the unique arrangement, magnetic minerals with stomach in large amounts of water, is rendering flow by removing minerals, generally can and do not add water or by adding a small amount of make-up water.  
6, Saving electricity: compared with other common equipment, a disk tailing recovery’s capacity is their several time and even ten times.
7, Easy to install: disk-type permanent magnetic tailing recovery machine with a large capacity, small area, poor feeding , and it can be installed at the end of a chute. 
8, Higher economic returns: equipment investment of small, high output efficiency, annual output benefits are generally several times or even a dozen times the investment in equipment. 

Working principle:
Disk-type permanent magnetic tailing recovery consists of host, lack of mine device, set mine shafts, chute and frame.It’s working principle is in host disks installed in the chute, pulp flows from one end of the chute, and through gaps in the disks and disk, magnetic minerals in the pulp are adsorbed on the surface of the disk, the rest of non-magnetic minerals mineral slurry flows from other end of the chute.Host roller disk rotation, magnetic minerals adsorbed on the surface of the disk is out of the pulp, when entering the discharge within the mine area, by inserting the disk between the gap and turn the ore unloading devices place a magnetic surface adsorption of magnetic minerals into the collector tank, collected by the collector tank output.

Model Specifications Working
Pole number Surface field
Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg)
8004 800×4 8 2.2 4 1700-4200 100 1600
8006 800×6 10 3 6 150 2200
8008 800×8 12 4 8 200 2800
8010 800×10 15 5.5 10 240 3400
1008 1000×8 15 4 8 240 3500
1206 1200×6 18 4 6 240 3800
1508 1500×8 20 5.5 8 280 4500

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