Cooling Machine

Brief introduction:
Cooling machine are commonly used in agricultural production, such as cooling hot material from kiln production lines. Common are single cylinder cooling machine, also known as drum, drum cooler. In this It is widely used in compound fertilizer production line .

Working principle:
1.Composition and structure:Rotating cylinder, gear, gear wheel, drag rollers, pinions, a gate, lifting plate, reducer, motor, fan, etc.
2.Working principle:Hot material conveyed by vibrating feeder to feed hopper ,then through a feed pipe gradient to feed end,to ensure material flow smoothly ,the angle of feed pipe must be greater than the material's natural inclination.Cooling machine is a rotating cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal. Add material from the upper end, the heating medium flow out from the lower end, counter-current contact with the material.While some model of cooling machine ,which heating body and the material are flow into the cylinder at same time.

tubular cooler is one of most important equipment in rotary kiln system,it is applicate to lower 1000-1200 Celsius degree clinker to 200 Celsius degree,to improve quality and grind ability of material. And the hot air after cooling material is enter the kiln as a secondary circulating air,improves the thermal efficiency of furnace.

Model Body  speed  Capacity  Motor  Reducer  Weight
  Inner diameter
 Dip angle(º )   Model  Power
  L10 series   1000   2.5  9.60   2-4  Y132M2-6   5.5  ZQ400  7.5/8
  L12series   1200   2.5  6.50   6-8  Y160M-6   7.5  ZQ500  10.5/10
  L15series   1500   2.5  5.00   8-12  Y180L-6   15  ZQ650  17.5/12
  L18series   1800   2.5  4.50   12-16  Y200L1-6  18.5  ZQ650   23/14
  L20series   2000   2.5  4.86   18-22 Y 200L2-6   22  ZQ650   35/16
  L22series   2200   2.5  3.90   20-24  Y250M-6   37  ZQ750   44/18
  L24series   2400   2.5  3.69   22-28  Y280S-6   45  ZQ850   60/20
  L26series   2600   2.5  3.48   24-30  Y280M-6   55  ZQ1000   75/22
  L28series   2800   2.0  2.89   26-32  Y315S-6   75  ZL115   87/24
  L30series   3000   2.5  2.69   28-34  Y315L1-6  110  ZL130  120/24
  L32series   3200   1.8  2.60   30-36  Y315M-4  132  ZSY450  138/25
  L34series   3400   2.0  2.51   38-45  Y315M2-8  132  ZL130  185/34

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