High Efficient Sand Making Machine

Superior performance ,long service life
1, light oil lubricated the circulatory system, ensure that the temperature rise at less than 25 ° c;
2, the new automatic protection devices, machine vibration, oil filtering, alerting, and other early warning systems, to eliminate hidden dangers in advance;
3, the new oil filtering system to ensure that bearings and other gear not accidentally wear, increase the service life;
4, wear-resistant materials design, improve life 40%, thereby reducing costs 40% above;
5, the main material international famous configuration, conventional materials can be used continuously for more than one month without shutdown.

Quality upgrading ,high crushing efficiency
1, excellent design greatly reduces the material of the impeller through the resistance, increase through put and crushing ratio, efficient than conventional storm 10%~60%;
2, hydraulic equipment, automatic cover, reduce labor intensity, maintenance is extremely convenient, radically improves efficiency;
3, rack with hot new technology for riveting, enhance structural strength and toughness of the device, ensuring equipment stability, quality up to a whole new level;
4, using advanced light oil leak-proof device, eliminating the trouble of replacing the oil seals.
5, improves feed based on granularity, Max can enter 80mm (legacy device only can enter: maximum 50mm).

Working Principle:
1.Center into material: material hands into hopper, by Center into material hole entered rotating of impeller within accelerated, then from Impeller shot out, first and rebound free whereabouts of another part material for impact, then together impact to eddy current cavity within Vortex shaped material lined (stone playing stone) Shang, first is rebound to broken cavity top department, deflection down campaign, and from leaves turns road launches out of material impact formed continuous of material curtain, last through lower row material mouth discharge. 
2.Center feed with Circular cascading feeding: material from falling into the hopper, then through loop holes to fall, is divided into two units by bulk cone. A unit of the tray into the high-speed rotating impeller, falling another four weeks from tray. Entered impeller of material, in impeller within is quickly accelerated shot out, first with bulk material cone around free fall of another part material impact broken, then together impact to Eddy current cavity within Eddy current lined layer Shang, first is rebound to crushed cavity top Department, deflection down campaign, leaves turns road launches out of material impact formed continuous of material curtain, last discharge by discharge port.

Application fields:Metal and nonmetal mines etc.

Materials:Iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, limestone, quartzite, sandstone etc.

Model  VSI7611 VSI8518 VSI9526 VSI1140
Capacity(t/h) Waterfall down and center feed 120-180 200-260 300-380 450-520
Centre feed  60-90 100-130 150-190 225-260
Feeding max(mm) Soft material <35 <40 <45 <50
Hard material <30 <35 <40 <45
Rotational speed(r/min)  1700-1890 1520-1690 1360-1510 1180-1310
Power(kw)  110 180 264 400
Overall dimensions(mm)  3700*2150 *2100 4140*2280 *2425 4560*2447 *2778 5000*2700 *3300
Weight(t) 7.8 10.3 16 22
Power supply 380v;50Hz
Vibration transducer Monitoring range:0.1-20mm/s Continuously adjustable
Lubrication hydraulic station   Power   2*0.31KW
Safety protection Double oil pump to ensure oil supply complementary; no flow of oil, oil-free hydraulic automatic shutdown; cooling; motor start heating in winter
Overall dimensions(mm) 820*520 *1270
The power of oil tank heater   2KW

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